For the next three weeks, the Housing Hub maintenance team will only be addressing emergency repairs and heat related maintenance. Emergencies are considered no heat, water leaks, or sewer back-ups/clogs, or any issues that may cause damage to the property or danger to the tenant. 


Housing Hub will resume regular maintenance services on November 7th, 2022. 


Please feel free to take a look at our YouTube channel to learn easy fixes for common maintenance problems that you can do on your own.


For regular maintenance requests, please submit your request on Appfolio. Read our maintenance procedures below. 


If the emergency is life-threatening, call 911 immediately!


*Note that there may be additional charges after hours or on weekends


1. Submit your maintenance request on Appfolio.

2. The best way to submit multiple issues is to list them under one work order on Appfolio.

3. All maintenance requests are processed in order of urgency and must be approved by the owner of the property.

4. If issues go beyond regular wear and tear, or it is determined to be caused by misuse or neglect by the tenant, you may be charged for the repair.


Please fill out this form for any maintenance charges, jobs that you are not satisfied with, or would like to discuss further. Maintenance disputes must be received within 30 days from when you received the charges on your account. Refunds and ledger credits will not be given after 30 days.


Thanks for submitting! We will be reaching out to you shortly regarding this matter. Please allow 5-7 Business days to receive an initial response.