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We are passionate about helping local property owners manage their assets, build their portfolio and pair quality tenants.




When the Community Succeeds,

We Succeed

The community is our backbone and we always try to make decisions with their best interests in mind. It is critical to us that we have a win-win approach to work, and that we get involved with and talk to the community.

The Right People,

The Right Environment

We look for smart, curious, capable people with skill, passion & integrity. We trust them & give them the space to act, succeed & learn from mistakes. We support them in their endeavours to grow and develop, & help them to achieve both individually &, more importantly, within their team.

Tell It Like It Is

We value truthfulness and integrity, openness and transparency, the ability to admit when one is wrong, and the courage it takes to be completely honest. We prize both giving and receiving respectful, constructive and encouraging feedback.

Not Just The Bottom Line

We take a long term view of our business and focus on creating value. While we have a healthy appreciation for the bottom line, we are building a sustainable business that creates wealth for many, not just money for some.

Focus On Results

We come to Housing Hub to do our best work. We believe in setting clear, fair and challenging goals, and focusing our efforts on doing the right things, and doing them well.

Fair Go

Everyone deserves an equal chance & a fair opportunity. At work, on our sites, & in life we strive to be fair & consistent in everything we do.


Take a sneak peek inside Housing Hub, where you’ll find an incredibly diverse, intelligent and capable group of people who help make our company succeed and make our workplace fun, friendly and happy.



Our upstairs kitchen is full of granola bars, trail mix, chips and other snacks. 


Unique building with exposed beams and Edison lighting, arcade games and conveniently located in Lowertown St. Paul, a back parking lot with a BBQ… we’re pretty proud of our HQ!

Mentoring Program

The people at Housing Hub are amazing and have mad skills. With our mentoring program you can really learn from the best whether it be from an office staff member or maintenance tech!

Coffee Bar

Our front entrance features a tea and coffee bar  with various creamers and sugars – all free.

Social Events

Our social calendar is pretty busy and includes our end-of-year party, St. Paul Saints games, bean bag toss competitions at Ox Cart, BBQs and much more!


Housing Hub is so proud of everything our community does for charity, because we are in the housing industry we focus on raising money for homeless shelters and services.


Housing Hub the fastest growing property management company in St. Paul and recently was nominated for Best Property Management Company in Minneapolis. We are always looking for awesome people to work with. 

St. Paul, MN


What does the recruitment process

look like at Housing Hub?

1. Phone Screen

We start with a quick and friendly phone call so we can learn a little more about you, your fit for the role, & you can learn a little more about us.

3. Practical Test

If the interview goes well, some roles may require you to complete a hypothetical scenario so we can see you in action.

5. Reference Checks

We like to speak with both a previous manager and a co-worker of yours to get a feel for what it’s like to work with you.

2. First Interview

We’ll organize an interview to really dig into your skills and experience and how they relate to Housing Hub.

4. Second Interview

We’ll organize a second interview to discuss  and explore some new questions. You might also meet other team members or prospective stakeholders at this stage.

6. Offer

If you’re the best person for the role and we’re happy with everything so far, the next step is an offer for the role.


We are proud of the team we have built around our business and we want you to be apart of it!

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