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We plan our schedule

Alas, dear students, you will have to deny yourself many blessings and joys of life while preparing for your diploma. Forget about clubs, gatherings with friends or your soulmate in cafes and restaurants, and other activities that fall into the category of "leisure". Education and only education.

Surely you have now come to mind the picture that you are sitting for the third day without sleep and rest, surrounded by cognitive literature, while you also forgot about food and depressive thoughts of a frightening nature begin to haunt you. Of course not. It is impossible to allow your preparation to such a state. That is why you legit essay writer need to plan your schedule in advance and think through your daily routine to the smallest detail, completely excluding entertainment events from it, as we said above.

But we are talking about recreational activities, and not about recreation. You have to give yourself relief. If you spent the whole day reading a certain book that you need to study from cover to cover in preparation for your diploma, then by the evening you just need to relax a little through “gatherings” on the Internet or watching your favorite TV show with Malakhov. So your thoughts are abstracted from your studies and the next day you will be full of energy again.

Move on. As soon as you begin to feel that your thoughts are somewhere far away from the study area, then immediately quit this activity. Otherwise, you will not learn anything, and just kill your time. There can be a million reasons for distracted attention - the guy / girl left, the beloved hamster or goldfish died, they had a fight with their parents, and so on. When such situations occur, involuntarily thoughts do not allow them to concentrate on their studies. In such cases, you should read some light literature, such as the classics. This will bring thoughts back to the right track and help to abstract from problems.


So, you have already understood from our information block that Oxford is prestigious, modern, and professional. And you, as a student of such a prestigious university, should be fully aware of your responsibility, which fell on your shoulders. Defending a diploma at Oxford means one more step closer to adulthood, which will promise you interesting discoveries, knowledge and achievements.