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Business history economics

Write an essay on the Porfiriato and the Revolution in Mexico. How did Diaz encourage economic growth? Why were many Mexicans opposed to Diaz’s rule? How did the Revolution of 1910 come about, and what role did the US play in that Revolution? What economic reforms were introduced as a result of the Revolution, and how successful were those reforms? Write an essay on the Great Depression that began in 1929. What were some of the remedies proposed to get the US and the world out of the Depression?How effective were theseremedies, and how did the US and the world finally get out of the Great Depression? 3. Write an essay on Reaganomics. How did lowering taxes affect the economy? How did Reagan’s policies affect defense spending? Social welfare programs?The budget deficit? Write an essay on the assigned reading, The Associates. Who developed the idea to construct the Transcontinental? How was he usurped? Were the big four really philanthropists? (Remember: I know where all the reviews of this book are!)

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