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Experiments in Thesis Writing

This term refers to observation, during which the experimenter can intervene in the process itself, changing something in it, as well as recording his actions in writing. Psychological and pedagogical experiments may differ according to the following criteria:

  • the form in which they are carried out;

  • by the number of variables used in them;

  • according to the goals they pursue.

According to the form, two main types of experiment can be distinguished. And we will talk about each of them separately.

Laboratory experiment, as a rule, takes place in conditions specially prepared for it, which is designed to demonstrate the most accurate results. In a laboratory experiment, recording devices are involved, which can measure the time of various psychological processes with the utmost accuracy.

A natural experiment, unlike a laboratory one, is carried out under the most ordinary conditions, that is, within the framework of educational activities or some kind of game. It often happens that the subjects do not even suspect that they are participants in an experiment. Therefore, the researcher can observe the natural behavior of students, while drawing certain conclusions.

A natural experiment is always carefully planned and prepared. It should be used only when the researcher needs to urgently obtain certain information without interrupting the normal activities of the subjects. The main drawback of this type of scientific research is the fact that in this case it is impossible to calculate absolutely everything, so there may be such interference that the researcher did not even think about.

One-dimensional and multidimensional experiments

According to the number of variables that participate in the experiment, two types of this research method can be distinguished:

  • one-dimensional experiment;

  • multidimensional experiment.

A one -dimensional experiment usually takes place when conducting a laboratory experiment. It contains one dependent and one independent variable. A multidimensional experiment is used in the implementation of a natural experiment. After all, when it is carried out, it is necessary to measure many different signs at once, and their independence often cannot be determined in advance.


In conclusion of this article, I would like to say that in modern realities, different research methods are used to obtain different results. If you need to quickly get data, then it would be best to use a questionnaire.

If you need to understand any personal experiences of a child or an adult, then in this case it is better to use such a method of conducting psychological and pedagogical research as a conversation. In the event that you want to get the most accurate results, you can use a laboratory experiment. Just keep in mind that you will have to work hard to prepare it. But if you are still focused mainly on the result, then this should not be a hindrance to you.

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