You Might Qualify For Rental Assistance From St. Paul

If you have children, live in St. Paul, and meet certain income requirements, you may qualify for monthly rental assistance from the City of St. Paul. The Families First Housing Pilot Program provides qualifying families with $300 in rental assistance each month.

To be eligible, families must:

  • Rent in Saint Paul

  • Are not receiving other housing assistance (such as public housing or Section 8)

  • Have at least one Pre-K to 3rd-grade enrolled in a participating school:

  • Benjamin E. Mays IB World School

  • Dayton's Bluff Achievement Plus Elementary

  • Jackson Elementary School

  • John A. Johnson Achievement Plus Elementary

  • Maxfield Elementary School

  • Saint Paul City School

  • Saint Paul Music Academy

  • Spend at least 40% of household income on rent

  • Meet the following income limits (Annual household income is based on each household earner’s past 30 days of income; household size includes children and other non-earning members.)

  • 2 person household: $25,200

  • 3 person household: $28,350

  • 4 person household: $31,450

  • 5 person household: $34,000

  • 6 person household: $36,500

  • 7 person household: $40,120

  • 8 person household: $44,660

Interested in applying? Click HERE.

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