Why Getting Renter's Insurance Is A No-Brainer

Getting insurance for your car, home, or your health is a no brainer for most people - so why not get renter's insurance? Not only is it affordable, it offers extensive coverage to protect your belongings. Rental property owners have insurance on the property itself, but they are not responsible for tenants' personal items or belongings if they are damaged or stolen - making getting renter's insurance that much more important!

There are a number of benefits to getting coverage:

Coverage In The Event Of Theft:

Your belongings are very important to you and you never want to be in a position where you can't replace them in the event of a theft.

Coverage In The Event Of Accidental Water Damage:

Covered losses include fire, wind, snow, theft, sewer/drain/water backups or negligent water damages (some limitations may apply to all coverage plans).

Pet Coverage:

You can add pet coverage to ensure you're covered in case of damage to the property caused by your pet.

Liability Coverage:

Liability Coverage is an important way to protect negligent damage to the property or injury to others. Most property managers require liability coverage from tenants.

Coverage Available From $10k - $75K:

In the event of a covered loss, renters insurance could cover up to the full replacement value of your personal belongings (some limitations may apply to all coverage plans).

Temporary Living Expenses:

If a fire or if water damage leaves your home uninhabitable, renters insurance may pay for your temporary living expenses until you can move back in (some limitations may apply to all coverage plans).

While Housing Hub does not offer or sell renter’s insurance, we partner with Roost Renter’s Insurance, which is offered through Appfolio. For more information, head to your online tenant portal and refer to the box on the right side of the page titled “Renters Insurance”.

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