What Are City Abatements & How To Avoid Them!

City abatements is a term some people are familiar with, but not everyone. An abatement is a fine issued by the city to a resident for violating city policies and ordinances. Abatements mostly pertain to exterior issues, such as failing to shovel your sidewalk or driveway, unkept yards, or overflowing trash and recycling bins.

These responsibilities generally fall on residents who live in single family homes or duplexes, but they can also pertain to residents who live in multi-unit buildings as well. If you are not sure what your responsibilities are, read your lease! Regardless of what type of building you live in, all tenants are responsible for keeping the property clean, debris free, and must follow city ordinances.

City officials will issue correction orders for exterior items that go against city code. If the city issues a citation/abatement, you will be given the opportunity to correct it if time allows. If you do not respond with before and after photos, OR if the city order involves unkept yards or snow/ice not cleared from city sidewalks, a maintenance technician will be sent to inspect the issue and an inspection fee will be charged, along with any charges stemming from the abatement. Housing Hub may also issue a $125 fine for any abatement we receive that is caused by a resident.

Bottom line, we want to help tenants avoid any type of charges or fines. Here is a list of common city citations that would generate a fine:

-Commingling trash and recycling items:

*No trash or plastic bags may be placed in the recycling bin

-Overflowing trash:

*If the lid is cracked more than 4 inches, the city will issue a fine, which will be charged to the tenant in addition to Housing Hub abatement charges

-Leaving the trash or recycling bins by the street after pickup day

-Leaving loose debris, bags, household items, furniture, auto parts, TVs/computer screens, or yard waste laying around in the yard, by the garage, or near the garbage/dumpster area

-Uncontained yard waste or yard waste that is placed in the garbage/recycling bins:

*All yard waste must be in compostable bags and brush must be 3 inches or less in diameter and tied in bundles weighing less than 40 pounds

-Furniture, toys, garbage, and debris left on porches/decks

-Vehicles with expired tabs and or inoperable (not drivable)

-Parking vehicles on unauthorized surfaces

*If you have any questions, please give our office a call!*

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