Tis The Season For Porch Pirates

As deliveries rise during the holiday season, so do thefts from people’s doorstep. The holiday shopping season is a wonderful time of year for thieves, with packages sitting outside unattended waiting to be stolen.

But there are measures you can take to deter porch pirates from targeting your goods:

Take Advantage Of Package Tracking:

Use the tracking information to retrieve your package right away once it’s been delivered. Limiting time between delivery and retrieval is key.

Install A Video Doorbell:

Thieves tend to be discouraged by security alarms; someone thinking of stealing your package might see the doorbell camera and think again. The cameras also come with motion sensors and a notification system, which sends an alert when someone is on your front porch.

Have Your Packages Delivered To Amazon Lockers:

If you order from Amazon, you have the option to have your package delivered to a secure Amazon locker at a number of convenient locations, such as pharmacies and convenience stores. You will receive a notification when it is delivered and a code to use to open the locker and retrieve your package.

Require Signature Upon Delivery:

In most cases, delivery drivers leave packages on your porch or in the entryway of your building, but many delivery companies offer the option to require a signature before leaving the package.

  • Have Your Package Delivered To Your Work Or A Family Member Or Friend’s House

  • Ask The Carrier To Place The Package Out Of Plain Sight

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