Tips For A Healthy Home

We all get a bit stir crazy when winter comes around, perhaps even a bit lazier! But when everyone is cooped up inside, it makes it even more important to keep your home clean and tidy, especially when it comes to mold. It can grow on almost any moist surface, such as walls, indoor window trim, ceilings, and in the basement. Mold may look like furry black growth, black stains, or specks of black, white, or green.

Controlling excessive moisture in your home helps to prevent and stop indoor mold growth. Here are some measures you can take to prevent mold:

-Keep your living environment as dry as possible

-Clean up spilled water and keep air circulating until all surfaces are dry

-Use the exhaust fan when cooking, showering, and bathing

-Open curtains and blinds to let in the sunshine

-Keep furniture 6 inches from the outside wall

-Do not block air vents with furniture or carpeting

-Keep the number of plants in your home to a minimum

-Use an air conditioner or window fan

-Use a dehumidifier, if you have a damp basement

-Change your furnace filter monthly, if you are responsible for doing so

-Check drainpipe connections to keep your basement dry

-Be aware of mold odors in your living environment

-Look for watermarks on walls, ceilings, and under sink cabinets

Following these tips will not only keep your home looking and smelling clean, but create a healthier environment for you and your family!

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