The Tour Guide - Showing Off Our Properties!

This month, we are diving into another one of the many hats Housing Hub wears as a property management company - The Tour Guide! Our leasing agents live this role on a daily basis, acting as the "Tour Guides" of Housing Hub, showcasing our properties and giving tours to customers and prospective tenants.

But this role changed a bit when the COVID-19 pandemic hit over a year ago. When the statewide lockdown and restrictions against gathering with others began to be enforced, Housing Hub had to rethink how it would continue to showcase our rental units to prospective tenants. So we got creative! Tours via video became a key factor in our ability to be able to showcase our rental units during this time.

It not only made the showing process a bit more flexible for our leasing agents and potential applicants, it also made it easier and more convenient to coordinate. Even as in-person showings resumed, video tours of our rental units are often still available on our website, giving potential residents a better idea of what our properties look like before visiting the unit in person!

Stay tuned next week as we explore another aspect of our role as The Tour Guide!

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