The Supervisor! - Taking Each Property Under Our Wing

We are continuing to dive into our final installment of our ten part series “The Many Hats Of A Property Manager”. This week, we are exploring another aspect of our role as The Supervisor - overseeing each property and being aware of any maintenance problems or charges.

Property management is the core of what Housing Hub does, so taking care of each building we manage is of the utmost importance to us. Making sure each property is properly maintained when it comes to maintenance and landscaping is part of that role.

Housing Hub has its own team of maintenance technicians who are on-hand 24/7 to respond to maintenance emergencies, work orders, and are available to perform any property upgrades or renovations at the owner’s request. We also offer a wide variety of seasonal preventative maintenance services to our property owners, whether it’s leaf removal and gutter cleaning in the fall, or sprucing up landscaping and yard work in the spring. Regular snow removal and lawn mowing services are also offered to property owners.

Overseeing the property also includes managing requests from the city when it comes to inspections and abatements. Property and unit inspections are required from time to time, and are coordinated between our office, the property owner, and city inspectors. Abatements are issued to tenants for violating certain city policies, such as not shoveling your sidewalk, or not following the proper protocol when it comes to garbage and trash collection.

Bottom line, Housing Hub is here to help our property owners in any way we can!

Stay tuned next week as we continue to explore our role as The Supervisor!

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