The Supervisor - Managing Rental Units & Vacancies

We have spent the past ten months diving into the many roles Housing Hub takes on as a property management company. Now, we have reached the final installment of “The Many Hats Of A Property Manager” series!

This month, we are diving into our role as The Supervisor, which involves several key parts:

  1. Manage rental units and vacancies

  2. Oversee the property and be aware of any maintenance or charges

  3. Manage staff members

Managing rental units and vacancies is one of the most important responsibilities Housing Hub takes care of as a property management company. Doing so is truly a team effort.

Our leasing agents work around the clock showing prospective residents our available rental properties and filling vacancies as quickly as possible with quality tenants. Our maintenance technicians also work tirelessly to turn units, make repairs and upgrades, and conduct any needed inspections to make sure each unit is ready for move-in. All of this is also coordinated in conjunction with members of our office staff, who help schedule inspections, carpet cleaning, and move-ins for tenants.

Stay tuned next week as we continue to explore Housing Hub's role as The Supervisor!

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