The Enforcer - Renewing & Terminating Leases

Throughout the month, we have been taking a deep dive into one of our many roles as a property management company - The Enforcer! Today, we are wrapping up part two of this series by examining how we handle deciding to renew or terminate leases.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our normal process for lease renewals and terminations has been somewhat interrupted, as it has with evictions. Lease renewals are still taking place as usual. Renewal notices are sent out at least 75 days before a lease expires, along with an explanation of our notice to vacate policy, in the event a tenant decides to move out.

During the pandemic, if a tenant refuses to sign their lease renewal and does not move out, they will move to a month to month lease and will be charged a $200 rollover fee. If the tenant has a good record of paying rent and does not have any lease violations, we will let them continue on a month to month basis and the rollover fee will cover any additional rent increase that comes with a month to month lease. If not, the tenant could be at risk for non-renewal in the future.

Non-renewals and lease terminations are also on hold - for the most part. The only exception is mutual lease terminations - in which the tenant and the property owner agree to let the tenant move out before their lease expires. Most evictions are also suspended, except in limited circumstances. The only circumstances under which a landlord can file an eviction is if a tenant puts other residents’ safety in serious danger, or causes significant damage to the property.

Even though some normal operations are currently on hold, once the eviction moratorium is lifted, steps will be taken to resume these processes and address tenants that have refused to comply, pay rent, or work with us on helping them with any type of financial obstacle they are facing.

This year has been unprecedented in a number of ways, but rest assured that Housing Hub is here for you, and will continue to do anything we can for our property owners!

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