The Enforcer! - Policy Fines & Violations

We are moving on to the next installment of our ten part series, “The Many Hats Of A Property Manager”, discussing our role as The Enforcer! There are three aspects to this role:

-Upholding policies and fines for violations

-Responsible for processing evictions

-Deciding to renew or terminate leases

This week, we are focusing on policies and fines for violations. Some of the most common policy violations include unauthorized pets or tenants, noise violations, illegal drug use, and past due utilities. Each situation is handled on a case by case basis, but follows a general procedure.

When we are notified of a possible violation by a tenant, we will contact the tenant by phone, email, and/or text to discuss the situation and ask them about their intent to remedy the problem. If we are not able to reach the tenant after repeated attempts or do not hear back from them, we will issue a lease violation. A violation will also be issued if the problem continues or is not taken care of. Tenants can also be fined for such violations.

Housing Hub staff also keeps a detailed record of violations and fines issued to each tenant.

We do our best to work with tenants to try and resolve the issue, but repeat offenders or disregard for the problem at hand will not be tolerated and will result in a lease violation and/or fine.

We also provide a form on our website for tenants to fill out, if they encounter a problem or issue with another tenant in their building. Completed forms are sent to our office staff, who take care of and respond to each inquiry.

Stayed tuned to our blog and social media channels next week, as we continue our look at The Enforcer role and the ever changing situation surrounding evictions!

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