The C.O.R. Campaign - Comprehensive Owner Review

We are launching a new initiative to help our owners reach their property management and real estate goals. It's called The C.O.R. Campaign - or Comprehensive Owner Review. Our mission is to help you grow, optimize, and improve your portfolio, and it starts with an extensive review of your properties and goals.

There are four layers to the campaign:

  1. GOALS: Do you want to expand your portfolio? Should it be designed for cash flow or tax optimization? Is there a legacy plan you want to work towards?

  2. PHYSICAL ASSETS: We will discuss the property, desired improvements, capital expenditures, parking, garages and mechanicals.

  3. SECONDARY ELEMENTS: This layer involves your mortgage, insurance, taxes, vendors, and all the other surrounding aspects of a property.

  4. GROWTH: How do we work towards your goals and in what order? What type of growth are you looking for, is it units, equity, tax efficiency, government funding and programs? This layer will look towards the future of your portfolio.

We will be contacting and meeting with each property owner to discuss their portfolio and outline their GOALS, PHYSICAL ASSETS, SECONDARY ELEMENTS, and GROWTH. Establishing each of these layers will help us develop a strategy and action plan to present to you to achieve your goals after the initial interview.

One of the benefits of being a part of the Housing Hub family is having access to a vast number of resources in the property management and real estate business - that is what we are providing to our property owners with this campaign. We look forward to meeting with each of you!

Interested in working with Housing Hub regarding property management or real estate? Click HERE!

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