That's A Wrap! - The Collector

And that's a wrap! We spent the past month diving into one of the many "hats" Housing Hub wears as a property management company - "The Collector!"

While collecting rent payments isn’t the only thing Housing Hub does, it is a primary part of our role as a property management company.

Here is a look at each aspect of this role we examined this month:

Collecting & Recording Rent Payments:

Every Housing Hub tenant receives access to their very own secure online tenant portal. It’s a crucial resource for residents, and not only allows them to pay rent, but also makes it easy to submit maintenance requests, update their contact information, and access important documents, such as their lease and Certificate of Rent Paid forms. Tenants can also view their payment history and full account ledger on the “Payments” page of their portal.

There are a number of different ways you can pay rent - the easiest way is via your online tenant portal. Cashier checks, money orders, and payslips are also acceptable forms of payment - personal checks and cash are not however!

Late Fees & Other Fines:

Rent is always due on the 1st of the month. If rent is not paid on time, tenants will be charged a late fee. The exact late fee amount is based on how much the tenant owes. If tenants are unable to pay on time, we are more than happy to set up a payment plan with them, but they need to call our office to do so.

Residents can also face fines for city abatements, maintenance issues caused by tenants, and lease violations.

Applying For A Rental Unit:

Housing Hub charges a $45 application fee for anyone applying to one of our rental units. The fee covers the cost of conducting credit, rental history, and background checks on applicants, to ensure they meet the necessary rental requirements.

Stay tuned next month as we move onto the next part of our series - "The Tour Guide!"

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