Stay Cool While Saving Money This Summer!

Staying cool in the summer, especially with the kind of sweltering heat we had this weekend, is very important! While having some type of air conditioning is important, it can get expensive pretty quick!

But there are a few things you can do to stay cool this summer while saving some money:

  • Having your air conditioner coils and filter cleaned improves efficiency to help save energy.

  • Only using the air conditioning in your most needed room, like your bedroom

  • When you can, go down to your basement where it's naturally cooler, so you can run the AC less

  • Install ceiling fans to keep cool air circulating, so you can turn down your AC. Ceiling fans can make temperatures feel up to eight degrees cooler. Make sure to turn off your fan when you leave the room.

  • Run ceiling fans counterclockwise in the summer to circulate cooler, conditioned air.

  • Windows aid natural ventilation and create airflow throughout your home.

  • Keep interior doors open to help air circulate more freely and maintain constant cooling levels.

  • Draw your shades or blinds to keep rooms cooler during the day.

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