Snow Removal Responsibilities

It hasn't started snowing yet, but it's only a matter of time. We would like to remind tenants of the snow removal policies we have here at Housing Hub:

Single Family Homes:

You are responsible for all snow removal at the property, including sidewalks. Due to city regulation and the property owner’s direction, if you do not shovel your driveway and sidewalks in a timely manner, we will have to remove the snow and unfortunately issue a tenant charge. Our goal is to make sure tenants know what their snow removal responsibilities are, in order to avoid a tenant charge.


Our crews are dispatched after 2 inches of snow or more, and will be on-site within 24 hours after the snow stops falling. However, some duplexes are responsible for snow removal, so please check your lease to make sure. We highly recommend tenants keep salt on hand to de-ice any sidewalks or walking areas caused by small snow accumulations.

Multi-Unit Properties:

Plow trucks will be dispatched after 2 inches of snow or more, and will be on site within 24-hours after the snow stops falling to clear a path through the parking lot and clear sidewalks.

Parking lots will only be plowed curb to curb when snow accumulation is 6 inches or more. In that case, you will need to move your vehicle from the lot within 24-hours of the snow stopping, or we will tow it.

We will send out email and text notifications when you need to move your car, so please be on the lookout for those notifications. We need all cars moved from the parking lot in order to fully plow the lot.

Housing Hub will be putting a salt bucket in the entryway of multi-unit properties for tenants to use to de-ice sidewalks and steps at the building.

*Housing Hub uses third party vendors for snow removal.*

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