Snow, Lawn, & Towing Policies

Take a look at Housing Hub's policies when it comes to snow removal, lawn care, and towing:


Please check your lease to see if you are responsible for snow removal. Housing Hub provides salt buckets to many of our multi-unit properties for tenants to use during the winter.

Housing Hub enlists third party vendors for snow removal services, including plowing parking lots and shoveling sidewalks and steps. We will give tenants at least 24 hours notice before vehicles need to be moved from parking lots so crews can do a full plow of the lot. Vehicles that are not moved by the deadline will be towed.

If you live in Minneapolis or St. Paul, be sure to sign up for their snow emergency alerts so you are not caught off guard when a snow emergency is declared.

Minneapolis Snow Emergencies: Click HERE

St. Paul Snow Emergencies: Click HERE


Some tenants are responsible for lawn care, some are not. Check your lease to make sure! Housing Hub contracts with third party vendors for lawn care services at many of our properties. Please be sure to keep the yard at your building or home clear of any garbage, debris, or items such as chairs and toys. If the yard is cluttered, the lawn care crew may skip your yard.


Some of our properties require parking stickers for off-street parking we provide. If you utilize a parking lot or reserved parking space at one of our properties, you need to obtain a parking permit from our office.

Housing Hub has an agreement with an outside company (Absolute Towing) for towing at our properties. The following are a few of the circumstances in which tenants will be towed:

  • No parking permit (where required)

  • Vehicle not moved after being notified of a full plow for parking area

  • Vehicles with expired tabs will be towed after 90 days

  • Inoperable vehicles will be towed after sitting for two weeks or longer

  • Parking in a no parking zone

  • Parking in a reserved space that is not yours

If your vehicles gets towed, contact Absolute Towing: