Showcasing What Our Properties Have To Offer

We are continuing to explore one of the many "hats" Housing Hub wears as a property management company - The Tour Guide! It's a role our Leasing Agents live on a daily basis. Last week, we discussed how our agents act as the tour guides of Housing Hub, showcasing our properties and giving tours to customers and prospective tenants - and how the role changed a bit when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

This week, we are taking a look at another aspect of The Tour Guide - showing potential future residents why they want to live at one of our properties. These two aspects of this role go hand-in-hand. Leasing agents highlight all of the great amenities and features of each unit while showcasing our properties to people who are interested in applying. They not only act as a tour guide, but a salesperson as well. It is their job to illustrate why Housing Hub's properties are a great place to live!

Stay tuned next week as we wrap up our look at our role as The Tour Guide!

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