Save Money On Your Air Conditioning Bill With Xcel!

This summer has been a HOT one so far, and running your air conditioning unit nonstop starts to add up quickly! But if you live in a single family home with central air conditioning and have Xcel Energy as a utility provider, you may be in luck!

Xcel’s Saver’s Switch program will reduce your air conditioning usage during peak cooling times in the summer. In exchange, Xcel will offer customers a monthly discount on their cooling costs from June through September. Participants receive an average of $300 a year.

Technicians will install a switch next to their air conditioning unit, and during spikes in demand, Xcel will reduce the amount of energy your AC uses for short periods of time. That’s it! It comes at no additional cost to you. All you need to do is reach out to Housing Hub to get permission from the property owner, then click HERE to apply for the Saver’s Switch program.

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