Responding To & Handling Emergencies

We are nearing the end of our 10-part series, "The Many Hats Of A Property Manager." This month, we are exploring our role as The First Responder! As the name suggests, this "hat" focuses on responding to emergencies and other urgent matters.

Maintenance emergencies are one of those instances! We offer tenants a 24-hour emergency maintenance hotline for matters that need immediate attention. Residents can call 1-800-480-5233 at any time to report urgent matters such as no heat, no electricity, a flowing water leak that is causing damage, or anything else that may cause serious structural damage or harm. All maintenance requests are processed in order of urgency.

Suspicious or criminal activity is another kind of emergency that may arise. If residents witness or come across criminal or suspicious activity, we always encourage them to call police, first and foremost. While there is some action we can take when it comes to criminal activity, law enforcement should always be the first call tenants make in these situations.

But as mentioned, there are some steps we can take to try and curb any crime from occurring. For example, security cameras can be installed outside and inside buildings to monitor and capture any suspicious activity, such as mailbox thefts, garage thefts, storage unit thefts, and building doors being left propped open. Having an off-duty police officer patrol properties on a regular basis may also be something we do.

Stay tuned next week as we take a look at another key aspect of our role as

The First Responder!

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