Property Owner FAQ's - Billing!

One of our most important priorities here at Housing Hub is to keep the lines of communication flowing between us and our property owners! That being said, we would like to answer some of the most frequently asked questions we get from property owners, when it comes to billing and owners statements.

If there are pending bills, that amount will be deducted from any owner's payment, even though the bill may not have been paid out yet.

Transactions will appear on the owners statement the day the charge was paid, meaning a check was cut and the vendor or Housing Hub was paid out. Pending transactions will be at the bottom of the statement in the “bills due” section - they will remain there until there are enough funds to pay that bill.

For example, if rent income is $1,000 a month and there is a new boiler put in for $5,000, that bill will remain pending until the rent income totals the bill amount or an owner makes a contribution to cover it.

The best way to make a contribution is through your secure online owners portal in Appfolio. Another acceptable method is to mail a check - but please notify our Finance Director Ben Herding if you do so, so he can keep an eye out for it.

Next week, we will answer some of the biggest questions we get regarding owners statements - Stay tuned!

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