Promoting The Housing Hub Culture & Brand!

We have spent the past few weeks diving into Housing Hub’s role as The Marketer, exploring how we market and advertise rental vacancies online and the content that goes into our blog, website and social media channels. This week, we are taking a look at promoting our company culture and the Housing Hub brand!

The underlying purpose of The Marketer is to do just that - promote our brand and company culture. We do so via the communications we send to our tenants and property owners, the content we publish on our social media channels and blog, and through the marketing materials and advertising we have out in the community.

All of those avenues of communication reflect who Housing Hub is, which is the most professional, informative, loyal, and dedicated property management and real estate services company in the Twin Cities. We pride ourselves on this aspect of our company and always work in the best interests of our clients.

Stay tuned next week as we wrap up our role as The Marketer!

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