Navigating Your Online Tenant Portal

The online portal is an important tool for tenants to use when it comes to paying rent, viewing leasing documents, and submitting maintenance requests - so it’s important to set it up! When you sign your lease with Housing Hub, you will be sent a link via email or text, to set up your portal. Navigating the portal is fairly simple, but we wanted to break down a few aspects of it to help you understand it a bit more.

Portal Home Page:

On the home page, you will see a menu on the left side of the screen, giving you access to several resources on the portal, including Payments, Maintenance, Contact Us, Shared Documents, Insurance, Property Details, and Account Profile. Your current balance will be displayed on the center of the screen, as well as any announcements and a link to where you can submit maintenance requests.


When you log in you are now able to see some Announcements at the top of the page. These may be specific to you, your property, or to all of our residents. Please keep an eye out as this is a good way of communicating important items for you now currently and the coming days, weeks and months.

How to pay rent:

Paying rent using the portal is very easy and convenient! To do so, just click the “Payments” tab on the left side of the screen, or click the “Pay Now” button displayed on the home page. Once you click on “Pay Now”, it will ask you what method of payment you would like to use. Make your selection, hit “Continue”, then enter your information. Continue to follow the prompts to submit your payment.

You can also set up Autopay on the portal - just click on the “Payments” tab and click on “Set Up Autopay”, that way you won’t forget to pay rent!

There is also information about Electronic Cash Payments on the portal as well.

How to submit a maintenance request:

To submit a maintenance request, click on “Request Maintenance” on the portal home page, or click on the “Maintenance” tab on the left side of the screen. Write a detailed description about the issue, as well as which days and times work best for our maintenance technicians to come over and take a look at the problem.

A friendly reminder - if you have more than one maintenance issue, please submit all of your concerns under one request, instead of several separate requests. This makes it easier for our maintenance technicians to coordinate with you and schedule a time to come over and fix any problems.

Contact Us:

This tab provides information on how to contact Housing Hub.

Shared Documents:

This section includes access to your documents with Housing Hub, such as lease agreements and lease renewals, for your reference.


This tab is where you can enter or update your renter’s insurance information, as well as apply for insurance with Roost Renters Insurance.

Property Details:

Here you can find information about your rental unit and how to contact Housing Hub.

Account Profile:

This is where you can update your contact information, contact preferences, and change your password.

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