Maintenance Response Times

Summer is a busy time for our maintenance team here at Housing Hub! While our technicians are always ready to take care of any emergency maintenance issues or standard repairs requested by tenants, it can take us longer than normal to respond to non-emergencies during peak times of the year.

The beginning of winter and hot summer months always bring an influx of work orders. During these times, we ask that tenants please be patient, a technician will be out to your unit as soon as possible! Of note - our response time for work orders regarding issues such as broken air conditioning units is much faster than many outside vendors who often take weeks to come out and fix air conditioners.

A few other friendly reminders when it comes to maintenance requests:

Submit one work order all of your maintenance requests:

If you have more than one work order you would like to submit, please put all of your concerns into ONE maintenance request, not several separate ones. We are aware Appfolio advises tenants to submit separate ones for each issue, but please disregard this. It makes it easier for us to coordinate things on our end when you submit one work order for everything.

Emergency Maintenance Requests:

If you are unable to submit a maintenance request via your online tenant portal, you may also call our 24-hour emergency maintenance hotline at 1-800-480-5233. If you have a maintenance emergency, do not use your online portal to file a work order, call the hotline instead for immediate assistance. The following are considered maintenance emergencies:

-No heat

-No electricity

-A flowing water leak that is causing damage

-Anything else that may cause serious structural damage or harm

Need a refresher on how to submit a work order via your online tenant portal?

Click HERE.

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