Large Items, Garbage, & Clutter!

We want to give tenants a few reminders about an issue we run into frequently - large items, garbage, or clutter left in the hallways, common areas, yard, or dumpster area of apartment buildings and other properties.

Placing items in the hallways such as shoes, rugs, or other items is a fire hazard and could result in a tenant charge if they are not removed. The yard and dumpster areas must also remain tidy and clean, or the city could issue an abatement. Furniture, toys, garbage, and other debris may not be left on porches, decks, or in the yard.

Tenants cannot leave furniture, mattresses, auto parts, TV/computer screens, bags, or any other waste outside of the dumpster or garbage bins. If you need to dispose of trash, please place it inside the receptacle or dumpster. The lids MUST BE CLOSED. Garbage and recycling will not be picked up if the lids do not close or are cracked more than 4 inches. If the receptacle is full, please give Housing Hub a call.

If you have a large item that you need to dispose of that does not belong in the garbage receptacle or dumpster, give our office a call and we can contact the provider to arrange a pickup.

For your reference, here is a reminder of what can and cannot be recycled:

Items You CAN Recycle:

-Paper (mail, office paper, magazines, newspapers)

-Boxes (must be flattened)

-Plastics (bottles, jugs, cups, containers)



-Steel and aluminum cans/foil/trays



Items You CANNOT recycle:


-Plastic bags

-Cords, electronics, appliances

-Paper or foam cups

-Straws, napkins, paper towels

-Scrap metal

-Clothes hangers

-Paint, lightbulbs, containers with hazardous



-Black plastic

-Storage bins

-Shredded paper

-Egg cartons

-Disposable to-go containers

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