Investigating Suspicious Activity & Resident Concerns

We are wrapping up our look at our role as The Investigator! Last week, we discussed performing background checks and researching potential residents and applicants. This week, we are taking a look at how we investigate resident complaints about suspicious activity at their apartment building.

Tenants’ safety and security is of the utmost importance to Housing Hub. Whether a resident files a complaint about another resident smoking in the building, or reports some type of criminal activity, we take it seriously. First and foremost, when we receive a complaint, we reach out to the tenant to gather more details and figure out what is going on. If it is a non-criminal issue, such as a smoking complaint, parking violation, or noise violation, we speak to the resident in question to personally address the matter. If we are not sure who is at fault for the problem, we notify the entire building via email and text to start, and then continue to address the issue as necessary.

If residents witness or come across criminal or suspicious activity, we always encourage them to call police, first and foremost. While there is some action we can take when it comes to criminal activity, law enforcement should always be the first call tenants make in these situations.

But as mentioned, there are some steps we can take to try and curb any crime from occurring. For example, security cameras can be installed outside and inside buildings to monitor and capture any suspicious activity, such as mailbox thefts, garage thefts, storage unit thefts, and building doors being left propped open. Having an off-duty police officer patrol properties on a regular basis is also something we do.

While these steps can help, we still need tenants to remain vigilant. If they see something, they need to say something by calling the police AND Housing Hub.

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