How To Save Money & Make Your Properties More Energy Efficient

Are you looking for more ways to save money and make your properties more energy efficient? CenterPoint Energy's Low Income Rental Efficiency Program works with landlords to help improve their properties and lower tenants' gas bills.

The program is designed to target higher usage 1-4 unit rental properties, and at least half of the tenants in the building must be considered low income. Landlords are required to pay 50% of the cost of all improvements and CenterPoint Energy covers the other half.

These are some of the services Centerpoint Energy may provide,

depending on each property's needs:

-Provide a free energy audit

-Replace the furnace/boiler

-Replace the water heater

-Insulate attics and walls

-Address related health/safety concerns or repairs

For more information, or to apply for the program, click HERE.

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