How To Prevent Your Car From Becoming A Target

Car crimes continue to be a big target for criminals across the Twin Cities, leading to an increase in carjackings and vehicle break-ins.

The Bloomington Police Department has issued numerous crime alerts over the past several months about two suspects who are breaking into vehicles at apartment buildings and stealing valuables.

They often hit in the early hours of the morning and use stolen vehicles to commit new crimes. Some cases are crimes of opportunity, such as when someone leaves valuables in plain sight, leaves their window or sunroof open, or leaves their car unlocked and unattended.

Police say there are two areas the suspects have been targeting:

Regardless of whether or not you live in Bloomington, there are a number of extra precautions you should take to prevent your car from becoming a target:

  • Take anything of value out of your car when parked (hide items in your trunk if necessary)

  • Remove garage door openers from view

  • Lock your doors

  • Close all windows and sunroof

  • Park in busy, well-lit and traveled areas

  • Activate the alarm

  • Don’t use hide-a-keys

If you see anything suspicious or have your vehicle broken into, call 911 immediately.

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