How To Pay Your Rent

Housing Hub offers tenants a number of different ways to pay rent on the 1st each month. Take a look!

  • The Online Tenant Portal:

This is the quickest and easiest way to pay rent. Each new tenant receives an email

to activate their Appfolio portal upon move-in. You can either enter your credit card

number or your bank account information to pay rent online. There is also the

option to set up automatic payments if you so choose.

Click HERE more details on how to navigate your online portal.

  • Money Order:

When filling out a money order, make sure you put “Housing Hub LLC” in the “Pay

To/Pay To The Order Of” section and include Housing Hub’s address. Be sure to also

include your name, address, and signature on the FRONT of the certified funds. DO

NOT sign the back of the money order.

Click HERE for a how-to guide!

  • Cashier's Check:

You may also have your bank provide you with a cashier's check to give to us for


*Money orders and cashier's checks can be mailed to us or placed in our secure dropbox right outside our office door.

*Cash and personal checks are not accepted!*

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