How To Keep Your Security Deposit!

Security deposits is a topic we get plenty of questions about! Believe it or not, we don’t want to keep your security deposit once you move out! We want to help you get it back! In order to maximize your security deposit return, you must leave your unit in the same or better condition in which you found it. Here are some tips!

Cleaning Out Your Unit:

You must clean out your unit before you move out, or you will be charged.

  • Remove ALL belongings, furniture, and garbage

  • Clean/replace any broken light switches, outlet plates, window screens, blinds

  • Wipe down window casings, sills, and frames

  • Wipe down all faucets and clean out any drains

  • Professionally clean carpets

  • Remove all food from kitchen cabinets and refrigerator

  • Clean and wipe down kitchen cabinets and drawers

  • Clean ALL appliances inside and out

  • Wipe down all windows and blinds

  • Scrub toilets, bathtubs, sinks, and shower stalls

  • Walls are free of scratches, nail holes, and furniture marks

  • Doors, doorknobs, and locks are free from marks and holes

  • Railings, stairs and handles are free from damage

  • Clean any existing pet stains and/or odors

Carpet Cleaning:

All carpets must be professionally cleaned. Please contact the Housing Hub office at least 5 days before you move out, to let us know if you would like to schedule a cleaning with Housing Hub or an outside vendor.

If you do not contact the office 5 days prior or we do not receive a receipt from a professional carpet cleaner, Housing Hub will clean your carpets after you move out and deduct the charge from your security deposit.

Walls & Painting:

DO NOT PAINT THE WALLS! Housing Hub will take care of any painting or hole patching that needs to be done. That being said, you will be charged for any holes left by screws, nails, or other hanging hardware. To avoid these charges, use something else to hang photos or artwork that does not leave marks or holes on the walls. If you do paint or try to patch any holes yourself, you could be fined.

Any security deposits that will be returned to tenants will be postmarked by the 21st of that month. If you have any questions, please reference your lease, move out materials, or call our office at (651) 488-2437.

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