How A Property Reserve Fund Can Help You In A Pinch!

Being a property owner certainly comes with its challenges - unforeseen costs and circumstances can occur at any moment! But Housing Hub can help you prepare for such unexpected financial burdens by creating a property reserve, also known as a “slush fund”, for you.

How does it work? You set aside a specific amount of money for incidental expenses that can pop up that are more than your normal costs or incoming rent. This reserve can be dipped into to cover expenses beyond what comes in, without Housing Hub having to request a contribution from you.

These funds can be withdrawn at any time, and you can change the amount you contribute whenever you’d like as well. Most owners keep a few hundred dollars in their reserve fund for such occurrences.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact our finance department:

Ben Herding, Finance Director

(651) 488-2437, Ext. 109

Kaitlyn Finkel, Finance Associate

(651) 488-2437, Ext. 112

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