Housing Hub History: What We Do!

Housing Hub has been managing properties across the Twin Cities since 2013, but Joe and Tom's experience began well before then in 1997. We are a full service real estate and property management company that specializes in a number of different areas, whether it’s renovating and flipping properties, property management, or buying and selling properties - we do it all!

Property Management:

At Housing Hub, we offer much more than just collecting rent from our tenants. There are many options in terms of how we can help you manage your properties. After an initial consultation, we can discuss what your specific needs are.

Repair and Maintenance:

Our hands-on team of general contractors and technicians are available 24/7 any day and night. Whether it be for a standard repair during the day or an emergency at 3am on a weekend, we are ready to assist you in any situation!

Buying and Selling:

We are also a full service real estate company that can help you buy and sell properties with ease. We have done millions of dollars worth of deals in both Minnesota and Wisconsin over the years with new buyers and investors alike.

Flips/Turns and Renovations:

Because the owners of Housing Hub did renovations to our own properties in our earlier days, we have accumulated the knowledge and skills to know the necessary improvements based on the dwelling, the location, and your budget.

Appraisals and Inspections:

Whether your goal is to sell or rent a unit, appraisals and inspections are an important step that shall not be missed. With our qualified specialists, you can rest assured that there will be nothing that goes undocumented.

Marketing and Advertising:

Your listing will be on our website, which receives over 600 individual visits per day, as well as 150+ real estate websites. We also have many types of branded vehicles, leasing signage, and advertisements all over the Twin Cities.

Background Checks:

Prospective tenants must have a government issued photo ID and will be subject to screening criteria based on a background check, credit history, two year rental history with landlord references, employment/income verification, as well as criminal records. We also navigate new and upcoming city ordinances that restrict a landlord's ability to screen tenants.

Lease Doc Preparation:

Rental licensing is required for any type of dwelling where the owner is not occupying the unit. We prepare and assist you with all the proper leasing documents, addendums, and rental licensing that is required by the city.