Housing Hub Can Help You Prevent Frozen Pipes!

As we all know Minnesota winters can be downright brutal - from the snow, ice, and bitter cold, it can be hard to handle! But there are steps Housing Hub can help you take to prepare your property for the winter and hopefully prevent some major headaches in the future - one of them being frozen pipes! Let’s be honest, no property owner wants to get a call in the dead of winter about how the pipes at one of their properties are frozen solid.

Here are just some of the things Housing Hub can do to help prevent such a nightmare from happening.

-Insulate Pipes: If pipes are located in unheated areas, they should always be insulated. Pipes can be covered with foam insulation or fiberglass tubing. Wrapping your pipes with controlled heat tape is an effective solution.

-Check all areas of your property: It’s important to do a walk-through of your property’s plumbing system to locate all water supply lines. This includes checking garages, under kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and in basements or attics. It gives you a better idea of what pipes are protected, which ones aren’t, and can help you identify any pipes that could be at risk for freezing.

-Check the exterior of your property: When checking water supply lines on your property, it is crucial to review the exterior of your property. Drain all hoses and supply lines to sprinklers, and install covers on outside faucets.

-Leave a faucet dripping: During extreme temperatures, it’s helpful to leave the faucet associated with exposed pipes dripping. Letting a faucet drip – even at a trickle – helps to prevent your pipes from freezing by keeping water running through the system.

-Disconnect and drain garden hoses

If you turn on a faucet and only a trickle comes out, suspect a frozen pipe. Likely places for frozen pipes include against exterior walls or where your water service enters your home through the foundation.

As always, if you have a frozen pipe or suspect you do, submit a work order or call our emergency maintenance line at 1-800-480-5233. If you are interested in having Housing Hub conduct any maintenance measures to prevent frozen pipes, give our office a call at 651-488-2437 today!

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