Get Ready For Summer With Some Spring Cleaning!

It may be hard to believe, but summertime is right around the corner. What better way to welcome the warmer weather than by freshening up your living space! Get rid of the grime and dirt left behind by winter by giving your home a deep clean to get it looking and feeling clean, just in time for summer.

Here are a just a few ideas to spruce up your unit:

Wash Your Bedding:

Don't just wash your sheets and your pillowcases, throw your blankets, comforters, pillows, and duvet covers in the wash too!

Clean Your Curtains:

Curtains are a major target for dust! You can either remove them from the curtain rods and wash them yourself, or take them to be professionally cleaned. If you prefer not to remove them, vacuuming the curtains while they hang is also an option.

Dust Your Binds/Shades:

Curtains aren't the only big dust collectors in a home, so are blinds and shades! Just grab a damp rag or vacuum and clean them gently - just be careful not to bend or break them!

Ceiling Fans:

Ceiling fans can collect a lot of dust quickly! Before turning them on, clean off the top of the blades with a damp cloth or duster.

Kitchen Cabinets:

Cabinets often get overlooked when it comes to cleaning your home, but they definitely need it! We touch our cabinets constantly, so wiping them down with a disinfectant every so often is a great way to get rid of germs and grease.


Cleaning the outside of windows can be hard, especially if you live in an apartment building or upper level unit. But cleaning the inside of your windows is just as important! The best time to clean them is on a cloudy day, so the windows won't be left with spots or streaks. Don't just wipe down the glass either - make sure to clean the sills and tracks as well!

Organize Your Closets:

Would it even be considered spring cleaning if closet organization wasn't involved? Going through your closets and getting rid of old clothes you don't want is a great way to not only free up more space in your home, but clean up the clutter and get organized!


It may seem like a given, but vacuuming and cleaning your carpets and floors on a regular basis makes a huge difference, especially if you have a pet! Not only does it make your home look and feel clean, it also improves the air quality and helps people who suffer from allergies.

For an even deeper clean, Housing Hub also offers carpet cleaning services for an extra fee. If you are interested, please give our office a call to set it up!