Garbage & Recycling - What You Need To Know

With new tenants moving in each month, we want to give residents a few reminders about the proper way to dispose of garbage and recycling.

The Do's and Don'ts:

-Don't throw large items in the trash (such as furniture, mattresses, etc.)

-Lids must be closed and not overflowing

-Don't set garbage or recycling next to the bin, it must be placed inside the bin

-If you are responsible for moving the receptacles to the proper collection location, please remember to do so each week

-You are responsible for keeping the trash off the property

Here is a breakdown of what can and cannot be put in the recycling receptacles:

We want to remind residents to please clean-up after themselves and be mindful of the environment they are also creating for their fellow tenants and neighbors. Garbage and recycling receptacles are provided at each property for residents to use.

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