Don't Leave Your Car Running Unattended!

Catalytic converter thefts isn't the only type of crime that is on the rise in the Twin Cities, so are vehicle thefts! While the number of carjackings has spiked in the past year, so have thefts of unattended vehicles. While it may be tempting to leave your car running unattended in the winter to heat up, it creates the perfect opportunity for criminals to steal your car. Fun fact - It is also against the law!

The St. Paul Police Department has a few tips for dealing with cold weather and heating up your vehicle:

-Invest in an automatic car starter

-Always have your kids get in and out of the car with you so there is no need to leave the car running with them inside

-If you have to warm up your vehicle, make sure you are in or near the vehicle

-Lock your doors every time

-Always park in well-lit areas

-Invest in anti-theft technology

-Park in an enclosed garage whenever possible

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