Don't Forget! - Maintenance Request Reminders

Housing Hub tenants can submit maintenance requests in two simple and easy ways: Using their online tenant portal or calling our maintenance hotline at 1-800-480-5233.

When submitting a work order, there are a few important guidelines tenants need to follow:

  • If you have any specific entry instructions (such as regarding pets or an alarm system), please let us know.

  • You can submit photos with work orders on your online tenant portal. Doing so if very helpful for our maintenance technicians.

Maintenance Policies:

  • Before sending a maintenance technician, we need the property owner's approval.

  • When you submit a work order, you have given us permission to enter your unit.

  • Unless Fire or Flood, a normal response time for no heat or air conditioning is typically 24-48 hours. The response time for non-emergencies could be up to 7-10 days.

  • A maintenance technician will attempt to contact you 30-60 minutes before arriving.

  • If you caused the issue, you will be charged for the repair.

  • Do not submit multiple work orders on separate tickets. Please put all issues on one work order.

Take a look at our DIY Maintenance videos for helpful tips and resources on how to take care of issues that are considered a tenant's responsibility - and help reduce potential charges to you:

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