Collecting & Recording Rent Payments

We are diving into our role as The Collector this month! While collecting rent payments isn’t the only thing Housing Hub does, it is a primary part of our role as a property management company.

Every Housing Hub tenant receives access to their very own secure online tenant portal. It’s a crucial resource for residents, and not only allows them to pay rent, but also makes it easy to submit maintenance requests, update their contact information, and access important documents, such as their lease and Certificate of Rent Paid forms. Tenants can also view their payment history and full account ledger on the “Payments” page of their portal.

There are a number of different ways you can pay rent - the easiest way is via your online tenant portal. Cashier checks, money orders, and payslips are also acceptable forms of payment - personal checks and cash are not however!

The COVID-19 pandemic has also impacted some tenants’ finances, making it difficult for residents to pay rent. Housing Hub has worked with countless tenants in the past year to apply for and secure financial assistance at the local, state and federal level. We are currently on standby for another round of rent aid that will soon be available to residents!

Stay tuned for more next week!

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