Beware Of Rental Scams

Scammers are always looking for an opportunity to rip people off and trick them into a way to get their money. The online rental market can be a hotbed for fake listings posted by criminals hoping to take advantage of unsuspecting victims.

There are two kinds of rental ads scammers use to reel people in:

Hijacked Ads:

Some criminals hijack rental listings by changing the email address or other contact information and placing the ad on another site. The listing might even use the name of the person or company who posted the original ad.

Phantom Rentals:

Scammers also make up listings for places that aren’t for rent or don’t exist, and try to lure you with promises of low rent or great amenities. Their goal is to get your money before you find out.

But there are some red flags you can look out for that indicate whether or not a listing is a scam:

-The lister doesn't want to meet you in person

-They want to move you in immediately without you seeing the property

-They tell you to wire money

-They ask for rent or a security deposit before you sign a lease

-The listing has typos, poor grammar, or excessive punctuation

-There is no screening process

-They say they are out of the country

Here at Housing Hub, we have a very thorough process for screening applicants and offer several different secure methods for paying rent, including the online tenant portal, money orders, cashiers checks, and our secure dropbox.

When in doubt, always visit our website for our latest list of available units.

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