Tenant August Newsletter:

August 1, 2019 | Issue 1 | Tenant Guide

🏘 General tenant knowledge for occupancy with Housing Hub Property Management.

Hello and welcome to our first Housing Hub Newsletter! This monthly email will be helpful for new and current tenants, as well as information about how to prepare you for your first home purchase. We have agents who can help you buy and sell real estate in Minnesota and Wisconsin. 🧀

This is also where you will find the most up to date tenant information, city-wide changes and reminders of seasonal upkeep, and tenant/owner responsibilities.


How to avoid Pet Charges

🐶 Pet deposit could be forfeited for damage to the property. Damages due to pet could be the following: urine stains, scratches or chew marks to doors or any other fixtures.

🐱 Undocumented pets could result in a $500 charge as well as a $399 lease redraft to document the new pet.


Smoke Detectors

🔋 Instead of submitting a maintenance request you can avoid a maintenance repair charge of up to $75 by changing your smoke detector batteries in your unit on your own.


Maintenance Requests: 🛠 Housing Hub recently had some new additions to our maintenance team, thank you for your patience while we get them trained up.

How to put in a request during peak hours:

Please document the situation with photos and/or video and a detailed message as to what is occurring at the property so we can get it on our schedule ASAP.


How Charges Work:

Based on the type of maintenance request, the charge will be determined on whether or not the repair should be an owner or tenant responsibility. Each repair must be approved by the owner of the property in order to move forward with the request. ✅

For example: if there is a clogged toilet and it turns out there is a toy jammed inside the pipe, the tenant will be charged because the owner has nothing to do with that. On the other hand, if the water pressure is not working properly, the owner will need to be responsible for this.


Recycling & Trash

To properly dispose of recycling and trash, please put items in the bins and make sure the lid is closed. They will not take items that are not in placed next to the bins and if your recycling is in plastic bags, they will not pick it up. 🚮

The city of St. Paul states that these are the proper procedures.

♻️ Recycling Information

🗑 Trash Information


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