Housing Hub enters the Wisconsin Real Estate Market!


Housing Hub enters the Wisconsin Real Estate Market!

Saint Paul, MN (August 25th, 2016) – Housing Hub is pleased to announce that it is now a licensed Real Estate Business in the State of Wisconsin, in accordance with the Dept. of Safety and Professional Services and will begin offering it's Real Estate and Property Management Services to customers, beginning Sept. 1st, 2016.

Housing Hub will now be offering a full range of Real Estate services specializing in residential Property Management for customers who own Multi-Unit buildings, single family homes, lofts, townhomes and condos, beginning in the Western portion of Wisconsin including but not limited to, Hudson, River Falls, Somerset, Hammond and New Richmond areas.

“We see this as an opportunity to provide a high level of service to a market that seems to be lacking in Full Service Property Management service providers. We are excited to offer Wisconsin rental property owners great service, quality management and our years of experience in this field.” - Joe Collins, CEO, Housing Hub LLC

Housing Hub was founded in Saint Paul, MN by two longtime friends who had an interest in Real Estate investing. Their interest spread beyond their own portfolio of properties and they began offering Property Management services to other 3rd party owners in 2013.

Housing Hub has quickly gained a reputation for being one of the hardest working, efficient and effective residential Property Management companies in the Twin Cities market and also has a close partnership with the City of Saint Paul's Fire Safety and Inspections Department - working hard to improve the overall condition of rental properties in the Saint Paul, MN and East Metro area.

For more information:

Housing Hub Office Line: 651-488-2437 Fax Line: 651-488-2417 HousingHubMN.com manager@housinghubmn.com


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