Future Tenant

How can I schedule a showing for a property?

Once you are on the actual rental listing page with the full description, you will notice contact information for a specific Leasing Agent assigned to that building/unit. Before making the phone call, make sure to have the correct address of the property, know your move-in date and how many occupants/pets will be staying in the property.
For best results, make a call regarding the property rather than sending an email or text.

I submitted an application for a property and now it was taken off the market, what do I do?

If you are unable to get ahold of your leasing agent who showed you the property, please call our office and we can look into the status for you. 651-488-2437

What is the best method for relocating from another state?

Transitioning into a new city is daunting if you are thinking about purchasing a new home, however, if you rent a property you are more apt to learn more about the city you are living in before that life-changing decision.

Are there any limitations on breeds or quantity of animals?

This is determined on a case-by-case basis, make sure that you let your Leasing Agent know if you have animals before seeing the property.

My credit is less than perfect, can I still rent from you?

If your credit score is less than the preferred score of 650, a co-signer and/or an additional deposit up to 2x the monthly rent will be required for consideration. Co-Signers must have a minimum credit score of 700 to qualify and will be required to complete an application and sign all documents. Contact your Leasing Professional for more information.


Current Tenant

What do I do with my keys if I am moving out?

Your keys need to be turned in by 5pm on the last day of your lease agreement. If after 5pm, please put keys in an envelope indicating the property address as well as your name and phone number.

How do I submit a Maintenance Request?

Once you log into your online portal, there is a section to request maintenance issues/concerns that may arrise. Please include photos if you have them. *Note that the tenant may be responsible for payment if any damages to the property are not approved by the owner.

How do I terminate my lease or give my notice to vacate?

There is a 60-day notice to vacate that needs to be submitted before vacating the property. You can find this document on our Tenant Page with further instructions on how to turn it in.

My neighbors are loud, who do I give a noise complaint to?

If communicating to your neighbors of your concern does not resolve the issue, give our office a call if the problem persists and we will be able to step in at that point.

Past Tenant

Where do I find my Certificate of Rent Paid for my occupancy with Housing Hub?

Each January our office runs a report of all the tenants in need of a CRP, because of the quantity of reports we have to generate and mail there is usually a bit of a delay. If you do not receive your CRP in a timely fashion, please give our office a call.

I am a former resident, who do I put as my contact person at Housing Hub for my next rental application at a different company?

There is no need for a specific contact person. Simply put our office information on your next application.

Criminal Intent

What do I do if something was stolen from my property?

Call 911 if there has been a robbery or the property has been damaged, then inform Housing Hub of the insident.

The mailbox was broken into and/or my packages were stolen. How do we go about fixing this?

Submit a maintenance request with a detailed description and photos of what happened and our staff will reach out to you promptly to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

There are no cameras in our building but I feel like installation of some would be necessary, who do I contact for this?

Because Housing Hub does not own the properties we manage, we are required to get approval from our property owners before doing any installation of security cameras. Submit a maintenance request with a detailed description and photos of what happened to determine the next step for security for our residents.