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5 Ways Renters Can Save Money

January 24, 2019

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July 14, 2016

Although doing a walk-through with a tenant at move out may seem like the proper thing to do, it has many pitfalls.

Most tenants, at move out, are looking for reassurances that they've done everything correctly and will be having their security deposit returned.

There ar...

July 12, 2016

Although it may not, on the surface, appear to be advice on how to be a good tenant, you'll see how moving out respectfully really is part of being a good tenant.

Give proper advance notice to your landlord about your intentions to vacate the property, according to the...

July 7, 2016

It's important to establish a fair system of setting, collecting, holding and returning security deposits.

In conjunction with this, inspect and document the condition of the rental unit BEFORE the tenant moves in to help avoid disputes over security deposits when the t...

July 5, 2016

Respect you home. Keep it clean and in a sanitary condition. If you have pets, pick up after them.

Failure to do so is often considered a lease violation and can be cause for eviction.

Also, when it comes time for your move out, it's likely that not only will you not get...

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